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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 14, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> the fire in lake county. scene of devastation really everywhere you look. 3 communities have had suffered from major damage. hundreds of homes gone. >>ay cool drizzle weather did help firefighters. hers where the cell fire is burning now. each red dot represents a hot spot. >> good evening. >> here are the latest hade lanes on the fire. at last report it burned more than 6 62,000 acres and only 10%
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contained. >> estimated 400 homes have been destroyed as well as many hundreds of other structure including apartment buildings and businesses. >> threaten,000 people have been displaced. retired school teacher who couldn't get out on her own is confirmed dead. there are many people who remain unaccounted for. >> this of course is all hands on deck. 50 engine crew from other states called in to help. along with happened crew from nevada and california national guard. many of them completely exhausted. 55 hours after it started. all public school in lake county remain cholestero cholesteroled another day tomorrow. >> the map give you an idea of how big the fire is. navy square miles and growing. we have more now from laura. >>reporter: flames may have died some but still homes burning. lost massive valley fire already consumed so many. too many it seems to count. if
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on cobb mountain firefighters did what they could. this home saved hours earlier lost when the flames suddenly snuck back in. and torched it. fight helicopter drop couldn't save it but hopefully help spare some of the neighbors. at this point containment here is still a hope. far from a practical reality. >> today our gel is to try connecting the dots and getting the fire contain. the problem we have though is all the work we put on the stretches. we get reburn and fair coming back through and hot spots trying to contain those today. if. >> farther than item can see. there is devastation here. if event so big that firefighters can't possibly protect every struck tuvrment can only react hopefully in time to save at least some among the so many that have been lost here. fight down highway 175 weary crew from the u.s. forest service kept a close eye on the
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flames. letting them burn the brush beneath the tree but only to a point. >> in the terrain we are in with the fuel and everything lake that it's kind of conducive but the rate spread we have seen are a little more characteristic to good drought situation that we have been experiencing over the last several years. >> also remains here at the resort but things are looking up tomorrow the weather is supposed to improve. could rain in fact. but for many folk here as you can see the damage is already done. in lake county abc 7 news. >> well a lot of people are still wait to go hear from the loved ones tonight. >> right now 72-year-old bar were mcwilliams is the only fatality in the valley fire. she was multiple sclerosis patient. >> deputy dispatched to the home in anderson springs near middle up to but by the time they got there the entire subdivision was completely engulfed if flames. >> wayne was in the neighborhood today and talked to someone who knew her.
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>> we are stopped along highway 29 top of the mountain less than 10 miles from middle town. it's a highway patrol road block. police of government ering frustration among fire victims. >> i know middle town is burnt down most of it. too many people in the mountain right now we captain turn this around we have to get through. >> we have leif stock defeat. some might still have homes. for the others this is the kind of reality they had yet to fac face. if quiet now isn't it. lacking at the rae means of homes along highway 175 north of middletown. just rubble and ruin. testimony to heat. fury and the ill logic separating what burned with what the fire spared. >> they were homes. beautiful homes. >>reporter: jennifer of kelse kelseyville knew this neighborhood well. until saturday she served 72-year-old mcwilliams as caretaker when jennifer left the house at 3:00 p.m. they both knew the fire
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but not that it would come their way. >> i know it's fine. she didn't understand the magnitude of it. >> the mcwilliams had ms. by the time jennifer realized the danger and called the lake county sheriff tow have been ate her the office was overrun with calls. they say it was too late. the i think they kind of wrote it off as another person that don't know where the family member is. i knew she was in the house. i knew she would be stuck and i knew that she warm front no way of getting out i told them that and i was told quite bluntly that they were busy handling evacuee and they would get to her when they could. >>reporter: today the lake county sheriff's department all the victims. as to mrs. mrs. mcwilliams the department said quote the victim was unable to self evacuate. responders not able to reach her before fire engulfed the structure. from kill have i
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sill abc 7 news. >> it was a little bit cooler today and we did have some spotty showers falling in parts of the bay area. >> drew has more on the condition the firefightersre dealing with today. drew. >> perfect firefightersing weather. cloud. cool condition and lots of humidity on the high side. let's take in the valley ferry at this hour. temperatures cool at 56 degrees. humidity high at 87 percent but the one factor firefighters still face rather active winds right now. south west 8 and gust to go 15 miles per hour. next 24 hours really does not show the wind weakening at all. still out of the west the anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour. what will help firefighters the the chance of some written fall. fv satellite show you right over us rate now a cold front that's why we have the includes and scattered showers for much of the afternoon. we track now here's the area of low pressur pressure. diving out of the gulf of alaska and dive that the bay area midweek this week so future weather pick it up
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from there. start the clock wednesday morning. here comes the cold front. the rain moving in to the north bay right around 10 or 11 am around ukiah then slowly stack to the south. in the afternoon early evening hours. future weather showing 5:00 o'clock on wednesday this cold front right over the valley firebrick beneficial rains here even around santa rosa as well. the half inch in north bay on wednesday. detail take with the 7 difficult forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you so much the. >> lake port where consolidate fair set up new command center for the valley fire. katie tells us how they take steps to prevent looting. >> look like if hell. >> raced across lake county at terrifying speed. so did eva. >> the fire didn't exist at that moment. i needed to get to my daughter. >> she had to meet the the -- beat the fire where her 1 16-year-old daughter was home
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alone in middle toychbility didn't know where else to good. i couldn't leave that because my mom was come for me. >> steven rushed to save the family dog. the no time for things. >> i didn't the focus on the heat feeling i just ran. >> now kept out of the evacuation zone people worry about looters. >> do they not think we are going through enough that going through our property and take whatever is left over? that is not okay. sfichlt lake county sheriff's office says there have been no confirmed reports of that happening so far. >> that is a rumor. we have no reports of looting. we have law enforcement out 30. somebody sent her a picture of her property. she knows the home is gone. others are still trying to get that the evacuation zone to find out with if it's too dangerous for people to enter >> hazard for us hurt or emotional for them full guy off the fire line to attend to them. so we just try
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keep everyone out and keep them safe. >> volume up tears work to keep evacuee fed and clothed for a week or more. >> we are great fishltion gritful for what matters most. >> family means more than anything else because i captain get them back. >> pge assess damage to power pole. may be day or a week before people are allowed in. reporters are stopped at every blockade. we have to show our press passes because at previous firefighters people posed as reporters in order to get in and loot. in lake port, katie abc 7 news. >> piece of lake county history burned too. historic resort in could be opened in the late 1 1800. it's just gone. reduced to ashes. once a destination for millionaire and hollywood stars. new opens his planned to restore it. now they may have to rebuild this. can even try. the hot springs resort in middle town also burned to the
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ground here. cell fir hats damaged 5 of the 14 geothermal electricity producing plants at the geysers. however spokesman for calpine which open owns the plant says the buildings generate electricity are undamaged. the plant is the largest geothermal plant in the world and generates 60 percent of the electricity needs for the north coast from the golden debit to the oregon border e.people in lake county did what they had to save themselves. family and pets. sergio has more from the community of hidden valley lake where some people took a dip to escape the flames. >> when the cell fire tore through hidden valley lake dina neighbor came in with this 2 kids and told everyone to jump in the pool. >> said it's going to pats fast. probably like about 15 minutes but felt like probably over app hour. >> 7 people and 2 dog stayed put up to the noechlts heat was
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intense. >> it was hot. and it just came flying right over us. right over. and temperature said it when it was done he goes it's over. >> they tried to leave but the road were jammed up and then it was too late. now they don't want to leave because they worry they won't be able to get back in. driving through hidden valley lake is lake driving through. entire homes are gone. fire continues to eat awhich at anything it cap. many animal that with left in the rush to leave survived including jessica armstrong. >> the reason i left him was because the lot is dirt and the get to they eat everything. >> her get to horse and donkey all safe and so are the friend horses they were moved herto escape the rocky fire. now they are moving again. >> because we lost our barn and all of our tack and some we relowested them over here and then we have the fair here. >> the team with the sheriff's sheriff's department helping people truck the leif stock to volume unnew year's clear lake.
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those who remain in the evacuation zone they don't have any power and biggest concern now are trying to get gas for the generator and food. security team here at hidden valley lake tells me more than 60 homes were destroyed. that doesn't include homes like this that are outside of the gated community. in hidden valley lake i'm sergio, abc 7 news. >> several winery also he have been ateed because of the fire. wine spectator says the fir has brought wine harvest to halt in the area. howl mountain known for the prize cabernet vineyards. >> the if you send in some photo and video to social media we want to thank you. they use the hash-tag abc 7 news now we have so many great pictures. aleash a scent thus picture saying all that's left of my childhood is ashes and rubble by grandparents home leveled. terrible tragedy for that family as so many. cynthia the says her son and wife took their barbecue
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equipment to help feed the evacuee. this viewer shows firefighters on the front-line. pictures helped with the coverage of the valley fire and given us add until perspective to tell the story we are gritful for them. did it safely share them on social immediate why using abc 7 now hash taichlingt web site you will find a list of evacuation centers so we have all of the road school closure in the fire area and center open for pet and livestock. waevlth of information for you on our web site. >> financial contributions are the best way to help. go to our web site to find out how to give where you live do nature 10 dollars immediately text the word red cross to this number find missing family member go to red >> more to bring you at 9:00. coming up. our major fire burning in california tonight. evacuation still in effect in the forth hills. >> eerie comparison between the
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valley fire and the one that did this damage in oakland. >> our changing weather. we'll be right back
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♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ >> now to update open the other mainly fire still burning out of control in northern california tonight. butte fire is rageing in am door county
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where many people in the bay area have vacation homes. more than 135 homes have been destroyed there. the fire has now burned more than 71,000 acres and at this point it's still just 35 percent containe contained. so more work to do there on the fire lines. george has the story. >> we are here on highway 26. just east of the town of colony hill and remind of the of wildfirement for several stretches of males along the highway. >>reporter: homes burned to their foundation then we see one completely untouch. >> all aunder me is burnt so i say thank you to all the firefighters and law enforcement thank you. >> the heat of the past week has been replaced by a stiff breeze. making the fire behavior even less predictable. town of west point on the northeast perimeter of the butte fair one of many communities that remain under a mandatory evacuation order.
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but among the heavy equipment parked on main street is the occasional resident who refs to leave. west point market is open today in the dark to serve him. >> we have people they didn't want to go there. >> been told did to evacuation ailt. couldn't kick me out so i'm staying as long as i can trying to find information because i definitely didn't want to stay if the fire will get me. >>reporter: watching the fire fighting equipment roll out of west point at mid afternoon that was enough to convince some straggler that maybe it's time for them to leave as well. >> i don't know i'm getting out of here right now. >> you waited to the last minute. >> my family is still here. >> they won't leave. >> in fl this is abc 7 news. >> jackson cancelled thursday night license arrested skinner the it's serve as evacuation
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center displaced by the fire this im am taken by ins a shows the size of california biggest wildfire the rough fir as seen from space. burned more than 138,000 acres since lightning striking spaishingtd on july 31. take the a look. the car was damaged despite being miles small engine park from tanker tell left handed on it. it landed safely. rough fire continues to grow near national park it's 40 percent contained. >> just amazing what is going on. tragic. but we get a little bit more cooperation from the weather now. good bit cooler. >> yes. moisture in the area. >> it was nice. fall feeling. we have that tomorrow as well and into wed. next 48 hours comfortably cool. rain chance as well come wednesday. we see how a little bit of moisture well off to the east right around nora and east of
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stockton that's it at this hour. to the allman achblingt the story it was cool out there on sfo at 68 degrees. oakland 73 coming up at 2 to sen degre degrees pwlrl normal and that continues for tuesday. >> lights bouncing off the low included. fog overhead. muggy night out there. so the forecast cull for the low clouds and fog over tonight tonight. tomorrow breezy brighter temperatures still pwlol normal we track more rain on the moving you will through thanks to cold front. temperatures out there most spots fallen back to the 60's that the hour. 64 in fremont. 64 novato. 60 downtown coming in at 67 degrees we had a weak ripple of energy riding along the cold front the loud of
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klousen track number two system no. 2 north by written and this tom dives in on wednesday. future weather picks up wednesday moorng cue could i a cleveland even by wednesday evening watch front begins to did i know pay the by wed evening thursday morning in the as much moisture into the south bay east bay so everyone fair game for sprinkle on wednesday. how much written fall we could see the north bay jack upon the winner with the system. tenth inch to half inch of rain once the system departs. wednesday night most 80's around the bay just trace to continueth of an inch but it will havd low in the 50's and most spots couple up a disagrees starting in the south bay more in the initial
9:22 pm
tomorrow. 72 for cupertino along the park and 72 is palo alto 61 for pacific down to is 68. 72 sonoma. 74 sausalito. 70 virginia lee oh. cool 70 degrees. 73 fremont and eastern land at 77 pittsburg 73 in san ramone. 7 news feevbing bench track by thursday. partly sunny then friday temperatures rae bound and mold warm in spot the rain we'll keep track of it. >> thanks drew >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. dancing baby and the court ruling begin for you tuber everywhere. for you tuber everywhere. >> story newspaper accept
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>> this fire you are looking at here drove at least 24 people from their homes in hayward. cell phone video cap turld the fire moments after it broke out in an apartment complex along tire avenue. investigators believe it started in the attic after 11:30 this morning. they are looking into exactly what caused the fire. nobody hurt. cook crew half hour to put the fire out. >> if you like posting music items open you tube. federal rule may be of interest to you. mother posted this video of child seeing to the prince song let's go crazy back in 2007ment universal music sued saying the
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29 second clip water copy right i hope fringement. eight years later the appeals court said at that time mother use of the song can be considered fair use. court believes regular people should be given the benefit of the doubt when pos posting video. >> another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 is coming up next. coming up the 500 evacuee call the napa county fair ground the home away from home tonight. >> animal left behind in the rush to get out and the people working to protect them. >> michael tells us what you can expect from your insurance company if you become a fire victim. victim. >> hal
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>> and we begin this half hour with the explosive valley fire. hundreds of firefighters are
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on the scene which now covers 62,000 acres. 3 communities suffered mainly damage at least 400 homes are destroyed. cloud drizzle help slow the fire today and drew says we could see more wet weather later this week. >> thousands of people are under mandatory evacuation order tonight entire family had to run for their livts literally while homes burned and some stayed at the nap county fairground. >> that the is in the city of calistoga a at the northern end of napa valley and it has become a tent city. lee ann has what she found. >> sacramento woman drove here to search for her estranged husband. he has not been foun found. rich lost the home he's lived in for the past 39 years. their stories are heart breaking. >> no place to good. everybody we know they got wiped out too. that's all. >>reporter: his son-in-law took the pick as the flames
9:32 pm
were coming towards this up by the hill come right on down. >>reporter: how fast was it. >> fast enough we barely got out. we were watching it. >>reporter: david was fortunate. he used his tracktor and his skills to cut a huge fire break around his property. >> sneevr house on fire except mine and the two i saved on the way out of town. >> here at the fairground in calistoga a plenty of food and support. what red cross could use right now is financial donation. we know that we have the a lot of impact people. people who lost their house and red cross is here stay here and work with the folk throughout recovery process. >> they get help with the animal after the stress of the past day. >> the stress of having to manufacture and tied to trailer not able to run around. >> meanwhile the place they call home away from home has a place to sleep. showers. more than enough food. and even charging stations to keep connected.
9:33 pm
>> i would like to get out of here to. ty would today if they let me as they report today that the fear was more active today than yesterday. in calistoga a abc 7 news. >> northern california animal rescue group doing all they can to help fire evacuee find shelter and feed hundreds of animals they leave hype. many resident just let the horses cow and other farm animal loose and hope they escape the fire. they work with animal protection to care for the animal. >> trying to get help to the area and take on the livestock throughout at the time devastation of the fire storm. i want to help. i have always wanted to give back. being a village. being a community is the most important thing anyone can be. >>reporter: several face back pages set up to help valley fire evacuee find temporary
9:34 pm
shelters for their animal. >> here's are some of the picture and video you posted with the hash-tag abc 7 now. really helping us with our coverage of the valley fire and knowing what is going on where you live. if you ka could did so safely share the photo on social media with the hash-tag abc 7 now. of is they ban together to accept donation for the fire vichlt even place for people in san francisco to drop-off good goods. california street is collecting non-perishable food children clothing and toys. >> bakery other location in santa rosa petaluma napa are also taking donations. >> lake port star bucks owner reopened the store to give away free coffee certainly nice. it's the least he can do to help everyone devastated by the valley fire. those left homeless start the task of getting the homes and lives rebuilt. the michael says even today the not too early to
9:35 pm
start. fight those with have been forced from the homes especially those who don't have homes to good home to have a long road ahead of them. those with homeowner or renter insurance good shape as expected. in part because so many have been left homeless. >> is there strength in number numbers. the there is absolutely strength in news. as a matter of fact if the larger the disaster the the stronger the recovery because there will be more resources nreing in. more coordinated federal safe local government response and more charitable dollars flowing in which you need. >> that's amy heads up the consumer group united policy holders. organization advocates for insurance consumer and time like these she is handing out a lot of advice. >> you shouldn't be paranoid but you should be realistic. >> that's the main thing. continues commercial with animated an medical and
9:36 pm
friendly agent all well and good. but you are now past the stage of the game. now working towards a mutually beneficial conclusion to this disaster. >> insurance claim is a business negotiations. and you need to be prepared as the property owner, the policy holder the to the assert yourself plightly but be a squeaky we'll and not just think i can be passive and my insurance company will do everything right. that doesn't really happen in real life. >> united policy holder has a lot of resource. i'll post their link on our web site. this is 7 on your side. >> tonight. at 11:00 over on channel 7. michael look at ultra easy way for to you take inventory of the home in case a fire strike your home. >> the oakland hills fire many years ago is considered the worst in california history in terms of lives lost homes destroyed and economic cost for staggering. those survivors are offering sympathy and
9:37 pm
advice to the victim of this fire. valley fire. carolyn tyler has the story. >> in this becomes there are souvenir ashes. >> you can see the print inside there. >> few items howard could find after house was destroyed. in the 1991 oakland hills fire fight these were wedding presents. fight his house north hills neighborhood like nearly 4000 other homes and apartments burped to the groun ground. 2000 cars including his were destroyed. he and his young son jumped into a stranger and barely made it out aleif. >> she drove t.through the flames couldn't see what she was doing. car behind us didn't get out. >> it has been 24 years. just never forget. >> susan piper lost her home in the hiller highlands neighborhood and shared pictures of the devastation. she says there are lessons learned. >> first lesson my family learned was that your stuff is
9:38 pm
just stuff. doesn't matter. >> this project this exhibit this paper helped create after the fire storm has tips for all of us to get prepared. >> my advice to people is get out the disaster plan. more you two over it plt more the it's good gb going to be in the brine when you have to use it. many things you can do ahead of time. make copies of important documents and send them up in the cloud. >> is he and others rebuilt with insurance money but never forget. especially when another major fire erupts. >> i'm still greechlingt i still every once in awhile miss things. >> in oakland carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> coming up next 7 news at 9:00. popular new target among thieves. >> burglar that hit south ba
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>> this is just in to 7 news. police in mississippi just announce the person suspected of killing approve at delta state university did of self inflicted gunshot wound and also a suspect in the shooting death of 41-year-old woman found in a town about 300 miles away from the school. investigators say 45-year-old shannon lamb be lived with the woman. professor was shot in his office on campus. university was on lock down mess of the day. nobody else was hurt. >> now to the rest for the white house. donald trump in dallas where cheering suppor supporters pack the stadium for a rall rally. mixed news for the republican front runner and bad news for hillary clinton. here's lauren. >> donald trump took to sage in dallas to a roaring ovation. >> amazing. thank you.
9:43 pm
wow! >> packed 20,000 to hear vintage trump. >> we have to build a wall folks. >> we are a dumping ground for the rest of the world. do i know how to build. one of the greatest. >> and trump himself has good reason to cheer. latest abc news "washington post"poll now has trump in statistical dead heat with hillary clinton in a general election face off. even though the same poll finds 60 percent think trump is unqualified to be president. new poll also show as sharp drop in mrs. clinton support among women. she was asked about that at women for hilary rally in eye wait a minute there's an ebb and flow polls go up and down. >> sanders well received by a large audience at conservative christian liberty university in virginia. >> money and wealth should serve the people. the people
9:44 pm
should not have to serve money and wealth. the. >> dallas rally also brought out some anti-trump protestors. trump lead in the republican field is bigger than ever. the riffal have another chance to do something about that when th face him in the second republican debate wednesday night. this is los angeles news. >> sveillance video captured thieves breaking into the silicon valley branch of the north america largest drone dealer. you can see them breaking in drone plus on duane avenue santa clara after one this morning. police arrived about 6 minutes later. that is fast but boy the clerk were again. store manager says the pop litter of drone make them target for thieves. >> the drones are very hot product. everybody would love to get their hand on them. they have to have value. they two on the market in less than a day. they attempt to grab them. sell them.
9:45 pm
>> he adds that the company location in las vegas and los angeles have also been ripped off in the last month. as wel well. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. drew has our final check on the forecast. >> plus the dream force invasion begins in san i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure
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>> ship docked san francisco pier 27 is no ordinary cruise ship. not taking terrorist to or from the city. floating hotel. the ship was leased by the ceo sales force to house 150,000 people expected at this week dream force conference. >> first time any company has brought in a cruise ship for their own event. we will host more than 1,000 customers and partners. >> ship has space for nearly
9:49 pm
1100 guest. dream force under way tomorrow at the moscone center. shut down for the event and heavy traffic in the area hear. >> some of them arriving must be surprised about the weather. they heard about the drought an hot weather and things changed. >> him if drew has the latest. >> tom stay with us. through at least wed. cool. rather cloudy in spots and chance of some wet weather midweek. showing clouds overhead no moisture at this moment. hay for tuesday acochs of the lower 48 if you are east of the roc rockies. rather quiet out there. plenty of sunshine. the low humidity but west of the rockies. a little bit unsettled machine soon moisture moving in the 4 corner and wet weather through much of the west coast. zoom into california. lots of cloud in northern california. more in the way of sunshine in l.a. 93 palm springs. sacramento 77 degrees. that the bay area tomorrow bibit of a brighter day tomorrow than we had today. temperatures still below
9:50 pm
normal. 72 san jose. 70 oakland. up to 69 in santa rosa. 7 day forecast show you we are cool tomorrow rain on the rain for wednesday then after the rain depart we warm-up and sunshine the there for the weekend. >> thanks drew. >> we have 49ers monday nature football. baseball. >> lots of stuff and drew has it all. >> that time of year. post season hope alive. taking on the reds and a's and chicago south side white sox this guy really looks familiar. and he can hit. shar
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a. >> come up tonight at 11 ochblingt up close look at one of the area hardest hit by the valley fire. we are with residents as they deal with the aftermath. >> and the flames may have passed but the danger remains. why cal-trans crew now get to go work in area left in ashes. >> those stories and more coming at 11 over on channel 7. >> big night we are watching the forty-niner game. >> new uniform get to that.
9:54 pm
>> start out with the giants. the manager said joe panic and hunter may be finish the rest of the season pwring a post season run. they need time to get healthy something the giants don't v. hudson opening at&t against cincinnati. giants out to early lead against sampson in the first. double down right field line. angel and if the score. in the third brandon bell triple to right center field. scores easily. 3 nothing. the next batter. the deep right center as well. like batting practice. time for double. scores 4 nothing giants. in the fifth hudson walk bases loaded. relief. can't provide any. wants joey to bring him in. still on top 4-1 but reds make noise in the seventh. it's gone. 4-3 giants right now we are in the 9th giants up
9:55 pm
5-3 highlights at 11. clay thompson little brother starting right field tonight for white sox. called up in august. in the third against gray hits 2 run homer to center field. sox lead 4-two gray unravel in the fourth. bases leded. oneing in a run. gray gives up a single. tell the score. 7-2 sox. scary moment bottom nip. breaking in on a pop fly. tied for the catch lands on the left arm. leave the game with a strained left elbow. tally in the 9th fast ball by towers. we are now in extra innings. 13th inning the 7-7 ball game. 49ers vikings facing off at levi stadium monday night football. ugly first half by both teams but score as we speak. fourth quarter rushed for 151 yards and he scored game 2 touch downs. those complete
9:56 pm
highlights coming up at 11:00. >> eagle falcon started monday night double header. nearly 100 yards receiving. 2 touches in the first half. 23 pass after 2. phillies big off season signing to murray. 9 rushing yards. 8 carries. 8 of the nine on this touch down. second of the game. eagle trail by 6 in the fourth t.phillies other running back. matthews. face way in for the score. eagles. after falcon falconsfeld goal gave them a lead. bradford. another off season acquisition. trying to lead the team for any with. picked off by allen. pwratd ford second of the game and hold on to win l 26-24 the final. the yesterday was a demoralizing loss for the raiders. crushed by the benning a little at home and lost several committee players to injure. he has a dislocated shoulder not sure how long he will miss the injury came late fourth quarter in a blow out so why even in there. there was good news. quarterback car had
9:57 pm
a bruised hand. swelling in thumb and goes down he think east can play sunday against the ravens. if sigh of relief for raider fans and head coach. del rio. >> he came in my office this morning. look coach i can hold the ball so if he was feeling good bit. feeling better with swelling having gone down quite a bit. >> meanwhile former forty-niner smith made the day but with the raiders with two tackle and one quarterback pressure. silver and black defense could not stop the bengals for the alden happy to be playing football after rae leased by the 49ers. parting wards for former team. >> doing really good. i'm excited to be here. have this chance with this team. be a part bunch of guy whose work hard and the organization who tell look out for their player players. just fvl fresh start. >> i think you have pent of chance was the 49ers. tvl
9:58 pm
sports report brought to you by toyota. reaction. coming at 11:00 p.m. on abc 7 and what did you think about the black yawn form. >> i like them. >> i lake them. somebody pointed out the helmet don't match you are right other than that. >> hard to see the news. announcer was having trouble pick it out. over all people like yourself everybody likes them. >> menacing. >> traditionally having troubles witness. >> they definitely are. >> they will good back to the regular. >> oh, yes. >> couldn't wear it in the heat down there. >> thanks very much. >> all right. we appreciate i it. >> we certainly do we appreciate you spending time with us this evening. fight for drew and all of us here, we appreciate your time. hopefully see you again if an hour. >> 7 news does continue now on line on twitter facebook and on all the mobile device with our 7 news app. >> have a good evening. we'll see you again with full report on what is happening open the
9:59 pm
on what is happening open the fire line t.stay
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today on "corrupt crimes," we take you deep behind the scenes of hollywood's glamorous underbelly, as feds track private investigator anthony pellicano, who breaks dozens of laws to protect his rich celebrity clients. cavalluzzi: he threatened her life, and she was so scared.


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